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Tricks using Full Text Search with Chinese content

SQL Full Text Search offers a fuzz logic search. To get desired search result with Chinese content, the following steps have to be followed (among others): Set language for columns (and you can’t mix different language settings for a table): … Continue reading

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Redirecting from osssearchresults.aspx

In SharePoint MOSS 2007, when you turn on the custom scope in site collection’s “Search Settings”, most of search results will be displayed at /SearchCenter/Pages/results.aspx. The exceptions are at the contextual search (This site, This List: Documents etc) and it … Continue reading

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Load testing on indexing BDC data

The BDC source here are in a MS SQL database. In most of the test the SharePoint indexing server, SharePoint SQL and the BDC data source SQL are in same server (a very powerful one). Initially the speed was very … Continue reading

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Findings on SharePoint Search – BDC – 2

In search result page, when you click on the “View Profile” page, it does call the database to retrieve the data. So Authentication mode is important here. If you specify “PassThrough”, make sure the “Default content access account” (seem in … Continue reading

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Findings on SharePoint Search – BDC – 1

Steps to add BDC to Sharepoint search: Define BDC XML file (you can try this GUI editor but it doesn’t help that much. You’d better still have to read the XML file through and understand it.) Import BDC Application file. … Continue reading

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