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Send To->Email a Link doesn’t work

In SharePoint 2007’s Document library, the Send To->Email a Link context menu will open your local email client and put the link of that document in the email body. However, it seems URL encode the whole URL, instead of just … Continue reading

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Remove a menu group (or menu) from toolbar

To remove a whole menu group, this link has the answer: http://blogs.msdn.com/dipper/archive/2006/10/05/How-to-Remove-or-hiding-items-in-List-toolbar-in-Sharepoint-Server-2007.aspx To summarize it (in my understanding and language): In \12\TEMPLATE\CONTROLTEMPLATES there are many templates. By just dropping a new template file (file name doesn’t seem to matter) with … Continue reading

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Publish a Major Version – events

Publish a Major Version: this menu is only available when file is in a checked-in status. If it’s already checked out, it can only be checked in. When action is taken, ItemCheckedIn event is not called. Instead, ItemUpdated is called. … Continue reading

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