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Southern California .NET user groups

Orange County Master Calendar of many developer user groups in the OC and in San Diego – V_Next Orange County – XPSoCal (Agile) – Orange County .NET User Group — Orange County Android UG – reading

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Sending email with Unicode in subject and content CDO.Message是Windows 2003系统自带的一个邮件发送组件。往往大多数发送邮件都是邮件的内容体乱码,要解决这种问题只需要注意一下内容的编码方式以及为发送邮件的代码指定编码方式。而我遇到的这个问题倒是不常见,邮件的内容倒是没有产生乱码,而标题始终显示乱码。我在网上找了半天的资料也没有看到哪个参数是关于设置标题编码的。 在老沙同学的帮助下,终于找到可以调整标题编码的,在这里记录一下这次成功的经验。 程序代码 Public Sub SendCDO(ByVal IEmail,ByVal ITopic,ByVal ICont) On Error Resume Next Dim objCDO,objConfig,objConfigURL,objCDO_IBodyPart Set objCDO=Server.CreateObject(“CDO.Message”) Set objConfig=Server.CreateObject(“CDO.Configuration”) objConfigURL=”” With objConfig .Fields(objConfigURL&”smtpserverport”)    = 25 .Fields(objConfigURL&”sendusing”)        = 2 .Fields(objConfigURL&”smtpserver”)        = SendServer .Fields(objConfigURL&”smtpauthenticate”)= 1 .Fields(objConfigURL&”sendusername”)    = EmailUser .Fields(objConfigURL&”sendpassword”)    = EmailPass .Fields(objConfigURL&”languagecode”)    = CDO_Language .Fields.Update() End … Continue reading

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Crystal Report viewer Reditributable for Visual Studio 2008

I developed a Crystal Report viewer windows application however I can’t find the correct redistribution package for client installation (BTW the SAP’s website really really S**ks!). Finally I found it here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bootstrapper\Packages\CrystalReports10_5\ And it worked like a charm.

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A few tricks working with Crystal Report Designer

Holding CTRL key, you can select multiple objects and copy/move then as a whole group.  This is very useful when you have to make more space to add more columns, or copy columns from another report. Sometimes after the data … Continue reading

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Inserting background picture to Crystal Report

I don’t know if this is only my dev machine – the background picture disappears after I reopen the report. There are a few jpg files I want to use as the background of my report. I used Insert->Picture, then … Continue reading

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