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IRM (Information Rights Management) in SharePoint

This is just a very brief review from my reading of a MS white paper coming with the ECM starter kit. IRM allows you to have control over a document after it’s downloaded from SharePoint. This is how is works: … Continue reading

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Automatically login with domain account

I believe the majority of the SharePoint sites are set up to use Windows Active Directory login. However if the site is set up using a domain name, IE will treat it as a “Internet” zone, and you will be … Continue reading

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Cannot rename file if you don’t have delete permission

In SharePoint, there are different “Permission Levels” you can define (Site Actions->Manage All Site Settings->Advanced Permissions->Settings->Permission Levels). One of the permission is delete.  Recently I just found out that in document library, SharePoint requires “delete” permission to rename a file, … Continue reading

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Error event ID 6398 and 6482 – about security rights of OSearch service

I have huge number of following erros in the event log “Application folder”: Event ID 6398 The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.IndexingScheduleJobDefinition (ID b94e8106-b5f9-4c2d-ad98-2871bcc4c669) threw an exception. More information is included below. Retrieving the COM class factory for component … Continue reading

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Target Audiences – doesn’t work with domain groups

I have a webpart that I want to restrict the access (kind of) by specifying Target Audiences. I created a SharePoint security group (i.e. SP-Group1) which has domain users AND a domain group (say AD-group1) in it. The webpart works … Continue reading

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User permissions findings

When adding user by assigning individual rights, if only give user/group “Limited Access”, user will not be able to see the homepage of the site. Need to give user ‘Full access’ to see the home page (WHY?). If complete disable … Continue reading

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Webpart security

If the webpart need to access Sharepoint server info, there are 3 options when deploying the webpart in security context: Deploy to GAC, and no other settings need to be changed. Downside: need to recycle application pool when upgrade; webpart … Continue reading

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