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SPItemEventArgs::BeforeProperties and AfterProperties

Some useful posts (and its comments also!): Summary: ChangedProperties always contains nothing Other members no always contain meaningful values – depends on event AfterProperties.Count will always be 0 but AfterProperties[COLUMN_NAME] will have values. The values stored in the … Continue reading

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Add, Delete and Recycle Bin

SPWeb.Folders.Add() will not throw exception if the folder already exists. If that’s the case it will return that folder object. However the parent folder must already exists, versus in C#, Directory.CreateDirectory() will automatically create the whole tree. I had to … Continue reading

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Publish a Major Version – events

Publish a Major Version: this menu is only available when file is in a checked-in status. If it’s already checked out, it can only be checked in. When action is taken, ItemCheckedIn event is not called. Instead, ItemUpdated is called. … Continue reading

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Events in Microsoft Sharepoint 2007

MS provides very limited documentation on the sequence of the events, or what event(s) a particular action will incur. Here is my findings: I didn’t handle xxxING events. Here are all xxxED events: Folder operations: Add a folder: ItemAdded. No … Continue reading

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