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Select a view for Document Library web part

With MOSS 2007, after inserting a document library web part, you can select a specific view to use for this web part (same for other list web parts). However I found that once the web part is created, the changes … Continue reading

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Got javascript error after enabled Content Type

I created a few customized Content Types in the site and enabled “Manage Content Types” in document library. Now when user creates new files from the template and save it, a javascript error will pop up in DIP window: “‘length … Continue reading

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Free up Database space after deleting documents

In a Document Library of SharePoint 2007, deleted documents will be put on Recycle Bin first (this is the default setting). SharePoint Recycle Bin works similarly to Windows one – user has their own recycle bin and one can not … Continue reading

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IE crashes when opening office document from SharePoint

Suddenly, my IE crashes when I open any Office document from SharePoint document library. It turned out to be a component in Office 2007 causing this, even I only have SharePoint Designer installed. Microsoft has a fix: It worked.

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Send To->Email a Link doesn’t work

In SharePoint 2007’s Document library, the Send To->Email a Link context menu will open your local email client and put the link of that document in the email body. However, it seems URL encode the whole URL, instead of just … Continue reading

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<link rel=File-List href=”[your file name]_files/filelist.xml”>

This isn’t actually for SharePoint though. When Microsoft Office saves file as HTML, it puts all real files under xxx_files. More on here: When you try to rename/move/delete the root file, the associated _files folder will be changed accordingly. … Continue reading

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Undocumented path length limit when opening in Explorer view

In SharePoint 2007, there are 2 ways to open a folder in Explorer view, in the Actions menu, or through the ‘Explorer view’ Or However, if you are at a very low level folder and the path of the folder … Continue reading

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