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Injecting Values for Default MVC Model Binding

In a recent project, due to security concerns, we want to encrypt all QueryString values into a single encrypted value before placing the link in web pages, then decrypt it back to individual name/value pairs and pass them to default … Continue reading

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Why the view doesn’t display the new values set in the post back method

In MVC, when you post back any changes, it’s recommended that you follow the PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) pattern to the View page. However, if you want to display the same model data back in the same request, there might be something … Continue reading

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Src=” causes double page requests

A html tag with src=” (ie img) will cause the browser to try to request that resource at the same URL as the current page, hence causes double requests.

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Formatting Dates, Times and Numbers in C#

Good reference (with examples)

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Why EntitySet not auto-generated by LINQ-to-SQL?

It turns out the the child table must have a primary key. If not set in database level, that can be set in the *dbml file. Multiple-field primary key works too.

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Client-side validator not firing in FF, only in IE

Symptom: For a legacy web app converted from older version of ASP.NET, the client javascript form validation only fires in IE, not in FF. Fix: Change this line in web.config <xhtmlConformance mode=”Legacy”/> to: <xhtmlConformance mode=”Transitional”/>

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Tricks using Full Text Search with Chinese content

SQL Full Text Search offers a fuzz logic search. To get desired search result with Chinese content, the following steps have to be followed (among others): Set language for columns (and you can’t mix different language settings for a table): … Continue reading

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