LINQ: cache with (child) collection properties

By default, because of the “Lazy Loading” setting, LINQ won’t load the child properties collection data until they are first accessed. So for the caching purpose, we have to force it to load everything before releasing the DataContext.  This is what you should do:

public static List<ParentObject> GetPremiumsByCompany(int companyID)
using (PolicyDataSourceDataContext db = new PolicyDataSourceDataContext())
db.ObjectTrackingEnabled = false; //optional. only if the data is readonly
// have to set options otherwise the collection will not be populated
DataLoadOptions dlo = new DataLoadOptions();
dlo.LoadWith<ParentObject>(p => p.ChildObject);
db.LoadOptions = dlo;

List<ParentObject> ret = (from pre in db.ParentObjects
select pre).ToList();
return ret;

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