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Add a link to DataGrid control

To add a functional link (i.e. Edit/Delete etc),: Add any columns to the grid. Change the type to Hyperlink. May toggle ‘Read-Only’ (since you don’t really want to change the value), but do NOT check ‘Disable Editor’  (otherwise the link … Continue reading

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All about Javascript from server side

These are just my notes on Javascript: When AJAX is involved, use ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript, instead of Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript. The specialty of RegisterStartupScript (compared to RegisterClientScriptBlock) is that it places the code at the very end of the page (before the </form> tag. … Continue reading

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Mysterious Double Post Back/Page Request

Recently I run into a strange situation that one of my pages was always loaded twice for each reqeust. This happened only when I enable  “URL Rewrite” feature for the site.  After almost a hour of debugging, I found it’s … Continue reading

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MS SQL connection string

Use current user’s identity: Server=MyServer;Database=MyDBName;Connection Timeout=180;Application Name=MyAppName;Integrated Security=true With a DB user: Server=MyServer;Database=MyDBName;Connection Timeout=180;Application Name=MyAppName;uid=myuserName;pwd=myPassword The Application Name value is mainly for tracking purpose.

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