SalesLogix Picklist options

There are 5 settings for each picklist in SLOX 7.2:

  • Required entry: you will be prompted if the picklist gets the focus but nothing is selected, even you click Cancel button
  • Allow multiple selections
  • Text must match a list item: the value will be reset to the original one if the change is not in the list. However if the value is invalid to start with, it will not complain and will still revert back if it doesn’t like the new value.
  • Sorted alphabetically: if not checked, it will sorted by ID field in Picklist table
  • Users can not edit items: this post has more information.

I had a task to implement a customized form to change these settings. All these settings are stored in SHORTTEXT field. The setting values for single options are simple:

  • Required: 4
  • Multiple:  1
  • Match:   2
  • Sort:   01
  • No edit: 02

The last 2 options confused me. I don’t know why they are not 8 and 16 so that bit operation can be applied to get/set the settings.  The combination of first 3 settings are very straight forward – just bit operation (e.g Required + Match = 5). However when the last 2 are involved they are different:

  • Sort + No edit: 03
  • Sort + Match: 21
  • Sort + Required: 41
  • No edit + Required: 42
  • No edit + Match: 22
  • Required + Match + No Edit: 62

It looks like when the last 2 options are mixed with other settings, other settings’ value will be multiplied by 10.

What algorithm is that?

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