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Caching with LINQ (“delayed” execution)

To increase the site performance, I cached (at least I thought I did) the result from a LINQ query into Application.Cache. The code is like this: public static List<Region> GetAllRegions() { if (MyCache.GetCache(“RegionListFromDB”) == null) { using (MyInfoDataContext db = … Continue reading

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A few tricks working with Crystal Report Designer

Holding CTRL key, you can select multiple objects and copy/move then as a whole group.  This is very useful when you have to make more space to add more columns, or copy columns from another report. Sometimes after the data … Continue reading

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SalesLogix Picklist options

There are 5 settings for each picklist in SLOX 7.2: Required entry: you will be prompted if the picklist gets the focus but nothing is selected, even you click Cancel button Allow multiple selections Text must match a list item: … Continue reading

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FileUpload control does not work in Update Panel and workaround

All file upload controls (includes asp, telerik, componentart, component factory and others) does not working in any AJAX update panels. This means if your upload control located in an update panel, control does not post the file. If you look … Continue reading

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OnChange vs. OnExitControl event in SalesLogix

Most of the user input controls have both OnChange and OnExitControl event. If no special reason, OnExitControl event should be handled instead of OnChange. OnChange event will be fired every single time the user enters anything, but OnExitControl is fired … Continue reading

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