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Show DateTime value as boolean in SalesLogix DateGrid

One time I received a request to add a new column to a dategrid. The client wanted to show a datetime field in the grid to indicate if a thing has been completed or not. However there are already too … Continue reading

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Another reason not to use Date type in SalesLogix

In my previous post I logged some of my finding about Date vs. DateTime type. Here is another reason that Date type may cause problem. In TABLE1 we have a StartDate which is a Date type. Through SLOX UI everything … Continue reading

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SalesLogix Picklist management and tips

All the picklists and the picklist items are stored in sysdba.Picklist table. To get a list of all picklists: select * from sysdba.picklist where picklistid=’PICKLISTLIST’ The ShortText field seems to store settings code for each picklist. ItemID is the identifier … Continue reading

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Inserting background picture to Crystal Report

I don’t know if this is only my dev machine – the background picture disappears after I reopen the report. There are a few jpg files I want to use as the background of my report. I used Insert->Picture, then … Continue reading

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Strategies to improve ASP.NET web app performance

There are few more things you can do other than adding hardware and caching… combine small files. A lot of small files is slower to download than a few large files move static resource files such as images, CSS, and … Continue reading

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