SLOX RecordChanges not working

It’s confirmed that “RecordChanges” checkbox on a controls property doesn’t always work (SLXDev forum). Today I testified it too:

select * from sysdba.history where datediff( hour, startdate, GetUTCDate()) < 48

It only gives me a handful records while there are so many updates. The returned history are all in default SLOX objects. So I guess the custom objects/tables (e.g. Policy etc) have problems. I was thinking to put change logging in database triggers, but a few concerns:

  • it may not always have valid ModifyUser value
  • to add a new field to be logged is tedious and error-prone
  • when we remove a database field, we have to remember to remove it from the trigger
  • any unhandeled error will prevent saving.

That said, this isn’t a very practical approach.

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