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A tricky side effect of Firefox’s “remember password” feature

I think this is worth sharing. I have a page that allows customer to modify their account password. The password field and ‘password again’ field are pre-filled with user’s password (encrypted). (I know this is not the best practice and … Continue reading

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Cache with HttpContext.Current.Items

This is a often overlooked yet very powerful cache option. In my BlogEngine multiple user project, multiple components of the page need to resolve blogName/ID, user roles etc. Since each time same user may hit different blog and this user … Continue reading

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SLOX RecordChanges not working

It’s confirmed that “RecordChanges” checkbox on a controls property doesn’t always work (SLXDev forum). Today I testified it too: select * from sysdba.history where datediff( hour, startdate, GetUTCDate()) < 48 It only gives me a handful records while there are … Continue reading

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Redirect any pages in a old site to corresponding pages in new site

This mostly involves moving a site to another hosting company, since we can’t simply change the IP address of the new server to be the DNS-registered IP. DNS will be changed to the new IP but it takes hours for … Continue reading

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DateTimeEdit Readonly and UTC conversion

If a DateTimeEdit control is set to ReadOnly, user can still modifiy it through the popup date picker and the change WILL be saved. So uncheck “Enabled” is safer. ============================================= SLOX DB provider has Date and DateTime 2 different data … Continue reading

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