Got javascript error after enabled Content Type

I created a few customized Content Types in the site and enabled “Manage Content Types” in document library. Now when user creates new files from the template and save it, a javascript error will pop up in DIP window: “‘length is null or not an object”.

Microsoft confirmed it’s a SharePoint bug and now finally have a hot fix:;EN-US;950292

However this hotfix requires SP1 and another post-SP hotfix. Not only that, it’s not an officially released hotfix (that’s why you have to request it in another web page), which means it not 100% tested.

There are many people frustrating about it and have some workaround. Unfortunately none of them work for me because Content Types is in our business request.

Another thing is once the Content Type is enabled, this problem will be permanent even Content Type is turned off later. Seems turning on Content Types has permanent change on the document library, even no document is created from the new content type.

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1 Response to Got javascript error after enabled Content Type

  1. NicoleB says:

    We have the script error on a WSS 3.0 install. We have been told the kb 950292 is MOSS only. We are setting up a test server to try to recreate so we can report it to MS as a WSS error as well. Have you heard any more followup?

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