Cannot rename file if you don’t have delete permission

In SharePoint, there are different “Permission Levels” you can define (Site Actions->Manage All Site Settings->Advanced Permissions->Settings->Permission Levels). One of the permission is delete.  Recently I just found out that in document library, SharePoint requires “delete” permission to rename a file, which makes sense (but our users will scream on this). I didn’t find the confirmation in the help/documentation but this blog confirms it.

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3 Responses to Cannot rename file if you don’t have delete permission

  1. Mike says:


    if a user has the permission “delete item” and also the permission level “Limited Access” for a folder, the user is not able to rename the folder any more. Is there any solution other than creating a feature with which the user may rename a folder (using the system account internally)?


  2. calvin998 says:


    “Limited Access” usually means that the user has some kind of access to a object (folder/file) under this folder but don’t have direct access to this folder self. User with Limited Access can not do anything at this folder.

    If user has more than one access right defined then SharePoint takes the less restrictive one – in your case user should be able to delete if he indeed has delete rights on this folder.

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