Target Audiences – doesn’t work with domain groups

I have a webpart that I want to restrict the access (kind of) by specifying Target Audiences. I created a SharePoint security group (i.e. SP-Group1) which has domain users AND a domain group (say AD-group1) in it. The webpart works for those who were directly added to SP-Group1 but not for those only in AD-group1. So nested group doesn’t work in “Target Audiences”? (I’m pretty sure nested domain groups in SharePoint groups work in permission/login configurations).

Then I tried to specify the domain group AD-group1 directly in that Target Audiences field but it didn’t work. It (and the “Select Audiences” dialog) can not find the domain group at all. It looks like it doesn’t make a trip to domain controller at all!

I also tried to create a new audience in SSP. When I was trying to add a rule saying this audience should contain all members of a domain group AD-group1, that interface can’t find AD-group1 either. Someone said you need to import the profiles from the Active Directory first. This isn’t really nice.

I will try it later since our DC has more than 10,000 users and I don’t want to import everyone to my site.  So I will just add everyone to the SharePoint group directly.

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7 Responses to Target Audiences – doesn’t work with domain groups

  1. Goran says:

    Hello there,

    Have you ever found solution to this?
    Target Audiences – doesn’t work with domain groups

  2. calvin998 says:

    No I haven’t. I tried to import users from AD but that seems corrupted the SPS. After rebuild I haven’t got a chance/guts to mess it up again.

  3. Clay says:

    KB642819 fixes this issue.

  4. Clay says:

    had to spoof my e-mail: if you have questions drop them to:

    KB642819 was on account of my experiencing this issue about 8 months ago, and opened a case with MS.


  5. Art says:

    I have encountered this exact issue and did a search on MS Technet, MSDN, ETC on the KB 642819 referenced in the thread above but could not find the article. Could someone provide a link or more information.

    thanks in advance


  6. Kellen Butler says:

    Art: I am in the same boat.

    I am having the same issue. Can’t find any help… figured anything out?

  7. Sal says:

    Its KB 942819 – I haven’t tried it, but thats the article.

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