Findings on SharePoint Search – BDC – 1

Steps to add BDC to Sharepoint search:

  1. Define BDC XML file (you can try this GUI editor but it doesn’t help that much. You’d better still have to read the XML file through and understand it.)
  2. Import BDC Application file.
  3. Create a new Content Type and choose the BDC as the source
  4. Start Full Crawl
  5. Create a Scope to use this Content Type
  6. Configure (if needed) the web site to use this scope (by clicking on the Scope display group name)

After a content source is deleted, the index items of the content source will NOT be deleted immediately. Instead, the SharePoint “Gather” will delete them one by one at the background, and a warning message will be generated for each deleted items! It seems no full crawl can be done before this process is finished (at least no BDC crawling). It will take more than a day to remove 1.5 M records – aboutn 600 records a minute. Slooooooow! If one just want to erase all indexed content, one can click on “Reset all crawled content” link on search setting page. That is very fast.

It seems no way to purge the humongous crawl log. MS site says it will deleted after 5 days – to be confirmed.

In Search page (search web part), if choose to show Scope drop down, the search will be limited to the selected scope. However if scope drop down is not showed, it seems always search on a hard-coded “All Sites” scope! (Yes I tried to delete that scope and I got error message saying ‘Scope does not exist’). Even worse, search web service (search.asmx) can not even specify scopes.

Update: got solution for UI search page (original post):

“You need to add a new search results page to your search center (or edit an existing results page). Set the Scope property in the “Search core results” web part (in the “Miscellaneous” section) on the search results page to your dedicated scope.”

However this doesn’t exactly solve the problem. When the URL contains s=[scope name], it still shows the result from other scope (this is reasonable). And it doesn’t help on web service call.

Update: solution for web service search.asmx (link here):

SELECT URL, Title, Description FROM SCOPE() WHERE “scope”=’All Sites’ AND FREETEXT(‘gallery hinges’) AND SITE = “http://supportdesk” AND NOT CONTAINS(‘brass’)

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