User permissions findings

  • When adding user by assigning individual rights, if only give user/group “Limited Access”, user will not be able to see the homepage of the site. Need to give user ‘Full access’ to see the home page (WHY?).
  • If complete disable user access to Shared Documents, user can’t load home page. (?)
  • When directly give use access to a sub folder, that user will be added to the parent folders with ‘Limited Access’ – all the way to “Shared Documents”
  • When we remove a user from a folder, it will removed from sub-folders even sub-folders already removed permission inheritance!
  • When we add a user to a folder, this user will NOT be added to the sub-folders if the sub-folders have been removed permission inheritance, which makes sense. Also any permission role changes to the parent folder will NOT be populated to sub-folders if permission inheritance is already canceled.
  • For user to upload file, user has to have at least ‘View’ access to the document library (root) itself. The actual folder to which user tries to upload file may or may not inherit permission from doc lib.
  • For user to start a workflow (the default ones), user need ‘Edit’ access on Doc Lib root.
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