SPItemEventArgs::BeforeProperties and AfterProperties

Some useful posts (and its comments also!):


  • ChangedProperties always contains nothing
  • Other members no always contain meaningful values – depends on event
  • AfterProperties.Count will always be 0 but AfterProperties[COLUMN_NAME] will have values.
  • The values stored in the AfterPropereties collection are all stored as strings


I managed to also get information about the item in the ItemAdding event by using…
Note that the if the column display name has spaces in it (e.g. “Internal Column Name”) then the internal column name will most likely be something like “Internal_x0020_Column_x0020_Name”. User can change this collection item to change the value to be saved to database.
In the ItemUpdating event
properties.AfterProperties[“Description”] will give the new value
and customer[“Description”] will give the existing database value.
In ItemUpdated you can not get this as the valued have been commited.

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