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User permissions findings

When adding user by assigning individual rights, if only give user/group “Limited Access”, user will not be able to see the homepage of the site. Need to give user ‘Full access’ to see the home page (WHY?). If complete disable … Continue reading

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A good intro from After bar code policy is removed, the new files will not have bar code generated. But the existing ones will still keep the bar code values. The ‘View Properties’ window will still show the … Continue reading

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SPItemEventArgs::BeforeProperties and AfterProperties

Some useful posts (and its comments also!): Summary: ChangedProperties always contains nothing Other members no always contain meaningful values – depends on event AfterProperties.Count will always be 0 but AfterProperties[COLUMN_NAME] will have values. The values stored in the … Continue reading

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Links feature in SPFile

This MS internal document can serve as a good overview of the SPFile link management feature (credit also goes to Google search): SPFile link (pdf) I tested SPFile.BackwardLinks and ForwardLinks properties. It seems that the BackwardLinks will list correct values … Continue reading

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