_files folder (part 3) Special delete rules for _files folder

  • If there are sub-folders under this _files folder, you can’t simply just delete the _files folder. If you do so, you will get exception when you try to create same sub folder in same _files folder.

    • For a regular folder, you can always do this:
      1. web.Folders.Add(“Root folder”)
      2. web.Folders.Add(“Root folder/sub folder”)
      3. web.GetFolder(“Root folder”).Delete() // this will remove all folder content
      4. web.Folders.Add(“Root folder”)
      5. web.Folders.Add(“Root folder/sub folder”)
    • However for _files folder, step 5 will throw exception with message “Cannot create xxxx”. No further information available for the reason. You have to specifically delete all sub folders of it, then delete _files folder. Then you create _files folder, then sub folder.
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