Path length limit of files in document library

SharePoint 2007 has a limit on path length – 260 characters (versus Windows’ limit of 256 characters). That includes the slashes (/) in the path, and count in the document library name AND the web name (sub-site name).

SharePoint also have a limit of single folder/file name length – 128 characters (including file extensions), which Windows doesn’t have. In the Edit Properties page that you give the new file/path name, you can not enter more than 124 characters.

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2 Responses to Path length limit of files in document library

  1. Steve Myers says:

    This issue appeared for us when some documents and spreadsheets would not open when we clicked them for editing. We determined the length of the document’s URLs to be the problem.

    Here’s a band-aid…

    Replace spaces in your file folders and file names with underscores or dashes. Each space is encoded as “%20” in the URL, taking up 3 characters instead of just one. Those extra characters add up quick if you have ‘wordy’ file and directory names.

    Restructuring your directories to remove some levels is the more ideal solution, if you can do it. In our case, it was thought to be too disruptive due to the number of people familiar with our SharePoint space.

    Careful, as both these suggestions will change the URL of your document. If people have saved links to these documents, those links will no longer work.

  2. Ron Sonntag says:

    Note: You can create folder / filename structures within SharePoint Services 3.0 that, when combined, exceed the 260 character limit. One strange error that shows up is if you attempt to open such a folder / file structure with Word 2003, you will get an error message that you do not have a SharePoint compatible version of Word (which is a bogus error message). Shorten the folder / file name and the error will go away.

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